Taking the fight to the seditionists.

After the November election, DMA went all-in for two runoffs in Georgia to help ensure a Democratic majority in the Senate. With your help we were successful and now President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have a Senate they can work with. This country came together to vote out Donald Trump and elect true patriots who will get this country back on the right track, but now we face another threat to Democracy. The Sedition Caucus.

Our Capitol was attacked in an attempt to upend our democracy.

And some members of Congress not only perpetuated the horrible lies that led to the attack, but then fanned the flames only hours after the attack — siding with the seditionists by voting to overturn the results of the election. People have dubbed the members of Congress who cast those votes “the Sedition Caucus.” DMA is dedicated to taking on members of the Sedition Caucus one by one — and end their political careers for good. How many races we can take on and how aggressively we can hold them accountable depends on how many of us are part of this. 

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